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One of the most exciting opportunities in recent years

Certificates as an opportunity

Why do we think this is worth getting involved with?

When you buy any amount of Diamond certificates the purchase price will never go down. Not even the Corona Virus can decrease the value of your Diamond certificates.
Although we cannot guarantee it, we honestly believe that the value of your certificates could go up every week.

Passive income

Diamond Certificates

With PayBud Diamond you have a completely passive income. What that means is once you buy your certificates, there is nothing else to do other than keep a check on the value of your purchase. There is no need to login or play games, absolutely nothing to do, just watch what happens to the price.

When you own Diamond certificates the value will always be based on the weekly activity of the main PayBud platform. The more activity there is the more the certificates will increase in value. The value can never be affected by global financial markets because these certificates are unique to PayBud.

Other reasons that we consider PayBud Diamonds a great opportunity is the system is fully transparent and they are fully tax deductible.
Every certificate that is purchased makes a tremendous difference to our PayBud Cares charity and the animal rescues that we are determined to help.

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, effective immediately we will offer our donors the ability to choose the cause where they want a portion of their donation to go. For example: animal rescues, food pantries, or Covid vaccine development.

Please make time to read through all our FAQs as they will answer all your questions and explain in detail how everything works.

We look forward to you joining us in this most rewarding program.

Our Team

Fabian Klein Consulting

Social Media Management
Fabian oversees all the social media activity for the PayBud Diamond program.

Patrick O'Connor

Senior Operations Manager
Patrick oversees the day to day operations of the Diamond Program. He is responsible for making sure the program runs smoothly to insure both our donors and the causes we support are our top priorities.

Montgomery Management

Global Management Team
Montgomery Management is an independent management firm based in Kenya with operatives in France, UK, Netherlands, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Mexico. They are a huge advocate of animal rights and their values align perfectly with ours. They are tasked with overseeing the auditing, issuance and exchanges for all Diamond Certificates. Their role is to insure accuracy and transparency on a global level.
“The Diamond Program is such a unique and innovative way to help give to a good cause. Plus I enjoy seeing my certificates value grow and grow each week. That is just an added bonus! It comes as no surprise that is program is growing so fast worldwide”
Sara J.