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It is a fundraising program started by PayBud Cares, a registered non-profit 501c (3) organization.

No, this is a completely separate program. The Diamond program strictly benefits PayBud Cares and the various causes it supports.  You do not need to a member of to take part in the Diamond Program.

It is a Digital Certificate that is offered to the public by PayBud Cares in exchange for a donation to their organization.  The cost of which is tax deductible.  Diamonds are not electronic money, a financial instrument or a virtual token.

Diamonds are actually the energy cost it takes for to operate its Global Rewards Platform.  They are the computational cost for verification & delivery of reward points by way of the PayBud servers, containers, database, API, etc. 

PayBud Cares buys these energy credits directly from at a negotiated rate each week and packages it into a resalable, tax-deductible certificate.

Think of them as digital carbon credits where they can be purchased and sold.  But instead of saving the environment, YOU are helping save and find forever homes for deserving dogs and cats with each Diamond Certificate you hold.

You will receive a confirmation email that will include a unique certificate number for each Diamond you acquire; quantity held; date acquired; and the Diamond’s price when your certificate was issued.  You will also be entered into monthly raffle drawings for each Diamond Certificate you hold. 

Upon completion and approval of your Donor Application form, we will provide you with specific email instructions on how to make your donation based on your preferred payment method.

We recommend you hold on to them.  Like a fine wine, a rare baseball card, or this season’s hottest Christmas gift, your Certificate will likely become more valuable because of the limited number of Diamond Certificates available in circulation.

Remember, Diamonds are the energy cost it takes to operate its rewards platform.  The more rewards issues each week, the more it costs PayBud Cares to purchase these Diamonds directly from them.  As a result, each week the retail price of the Diamond Certificates will increase and the supply of available Certificates for sale will decrease.
It is a simple a matter of production price increases and supply and demand economics.  No different than the cost of gas at the pumps or valuable and rare artwork.

No, it is not, and PayBud Cares does not offer any kind of investments.   This is a straightforward opportunity to donate to a good cause and in exchange, you receive entry into monthly raffle drawings and an authenticated Diamond Certificate(s) documenting your donation and holding(s). 

Yes, you can.  There are two possible ways.  Let us explain the opportunity in a bit more detail.

1.  As long as you are a current Diamond Certificate holder, you are entered into the monthly raffle drawings.  These raffles provide a great opportunity to score some very nice prizes.

2.  Diamond Resale Value.  For example…

  • Let’s say you receive 10 Certificates at a price of $1.00 per certificate.  A $10 donation.  
  • After 30 days, the retail value of a Diamond Certificate has increased to $1.10.     
  • The current retail value of your 10 Certificates is now $11.
Yes, you can.  We will help arrange the exchange of your Diamond Certificates for you through our Diamond Exchange Donor Network.

That is impossible to say.  It is unlikely, but some weeks there may be no increase.  The weekly increase is based on many factors including but not limited to the amount of activity on the PayBud rewards platform the previous week, wholesale cost charged to PayBud Cares by, and the overall market supply and demand for Diamond Certificates.  But the price will never decrease. 

The new weekly retail price will be posted every Sunday at 4pm (PST).
on the Diamond Stats page on the website.

Yes, there is a nominal service fee of 5% charged.  This fee is to help offset the costs of PayBud Cares administration and operation of the Diamond Program.  All proceeds from PayBud Diamond Program will be used to further the PayBud Cares causes it supports.

Sorry, that is not going to be possible because this offer is completely different to anything that is available with your regular PayBud account.

Yes, the PayBud Diamond Program is open to anyone, in any country providing it is legal in your state/country to donate to a non-profit organization and participate in this program.

Yes, we need some very basic information from you to register you for the program if you wish to donate.  Please complete our Application form on our website.

There is a minimum donation/purchase amount of $10.
If the current retail price of a Diamond Certificate is say $0.50, your $10.50 donation (including the 5% service fee) will result in 20 Diamond Certificates being allocated to you.

With regards to how many you can receive, there is no limit on what someone can ask for providing we have the certificates available.  The supply of Diamond Certificates is limited on what PayBud Cares have available to allocate at the time of your donation.

Yes, PayBud Cares is planning on issuing a single batch of 500,000 certificates in total to individual donors. There are no plans to issue any further Certificates. This is the total amount available for the general public. Apart from this PayBud Cares will have their own reserve allocation that they have set aside for businesses or large groups looking to make large donations in excess of $500.

If you visit the Stats page on the our website you will find all the latest stats including:  Number of Certificates available; Current Retail Price; and Price History. 

Although there are only a limited number of Diamond Certificates available, PayBud Cares doesn’t anticipate being unable to sell them.  The reason for this is because they help existing Diamond Certificate holders sell their certificates to new buyers or PayBud Cares will buy back Certificates.

We do NOT recommend you buy any Diamond Certificates from anyone other than PayBud Cares and this website.  Every Diamond Certificate transfer is verified for authenticity by PayBud Cares.  

It is impossible for any 3rd Party Seller to provide you this type of verification.  You take a risk of being scammed from 3rd party sellers and PayBud Cares will not be held responsible for loss you may incur when dealing with any 3rd party reseller.

Yes.  Each time you wish to make a donation, please complete the Donor Application form.

The current Diamond price will always be displayed on the Stats page of our website.  The price is updated every Sunday.

That is up to you.  But you need to donate a minimum amount of $10.00 for the Diamond Program.  You decide how much to send, and we will calculate the number of Diamond Certificates you have purchased based on the current Diamond price.  The 5% service fee will be deducted from the final cost of your donation amount.

This is used to cover the administration costs to run the PayBud Diamonds program.  Part of this fee is used towards the Diamond Referral program (see below for more info).

No.  For example, if the donation you send ends up purchasing 10.50 Certificates, you will be allocated 10 Certificates with the remainder being used as a donation to PayBud Cares General Diamond Fund.

Upon confirmation and receipt, we will email you within 24-48 hours and provide you your official registered Diamond Certificate numbers.  Included in this email will be secret PIN that we assign to you. 

Make sure you save this PIN!

Yes!  We suggest you record your official Diamond Certificate numbers and your PIN we provide you in a safe place so that you have access to them. 

Yes of course. You can donate for yourself or anyone else you wish. 

In fact, we have a special box on our Donor Application form you can select if you want to donate your Diamonds as a gift.

To start the process, you would complete our Exchange Form on our website.  

We will then confirm your ownership of those Diamond Certificates and email you with the specifics of our exchange process. 

We will then spend the next 10 business days to try and exchange them within PayBud Cares Diamond donor network.

We will try and exchange all your certificates within that 10-business day period.  If we are unable to exchange any or all of your diamonds at the current retail price, we will then provide you two options to choose from.

  1. We will return the unsold Diamond certificates back to you to try and exchange at a later date or 
  1. We will offer to exchange the unsold Diamonds at a 15%-20% from the original donation amount*.  (Your first buyback will be at 15%.  All subsequent buybacks will be at 20%. The buyback rates can change depending on current values).  *This buyback program is only applicable to diamond certificates that were originally purchased at full retail value with cash, credit/debit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.  

Any payments due to you from the exchange of your Diamonds will be made within (5) five business days or less.  Payments will usually be made via your original donation method unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. 

You must hold your Certificates for at least 30 days before you will be eligible to exchange them. 

We require you to enter an exchange order of at least $20 worth of Diamond certificate(s) per exchange request. This minimum amount can fluctuate based on the current buying and selling volume requests we receive.

As long as each certificate has been in your possession for more than 30 days, you can exchange them as often as you like as long as you are exchanging at least $20 worth. 

However, you can only have one exchange order active at a time.  

The Diamond Program is not any kind of MLM,  but we believe in rewarding people for introducing new Diamond Donors. The amount we will offer as a reward will depend on the size of the donation from the person that you have referred.  Generally, the referral reward can range from 1%-5%.  Referral rewards can be paid either in cash or in a Diamond Certificate.

We periodically offer special referral bonuses.  Currently we are offering the following BONUSES through the end of December 2021:

  • A 10% referral bonus will be paid on anyone you refer that makes a donation of $50 or more.
  • A 15% referral bonus will be paid on anyone you refer that makes a donation of $1000 or more.
  • All Referral payments are paid within seven (7) days or less directly to a PayPal or BTC account.
Whether you are a Diamond Donor or not, our referral program is a great way to earn some additional money for merely sharing this opportunity with friends, family and followers.

Yes, absolutely.  Anyone is eligible to particiapte in the Diamond program.  Afterall, their generous donations go towards a great cause.